It is a truth universally recognised that everything is better when you’re high or stoned. Those who always disagree are simply wrong (or in denial). But what do you do whenever you have nothing to do? Over many years, we have seen many trends come and go into what makes an excellent stoner activity – but it’s 2019, things may have evolved, right?

Who knows what will happen– but what we can be sure of is that getting high and doing cool stuff is as fun now and as it has ever seen. So, if you’re looking then for something to enjoy with your favourite bud – but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place!

 1. Test Out Your Culinary Skills!

What goes very better with a big joint or a tasty bong than your favourite food? Whether you may prefer a Michelin star experience when you’re getting something baked or that will happily settle for the out of date chips from the back of the kitchen cupboard, food and weed are as much same made in heaven.

If you are fancy giving your local pizza delivery guy a day off, why not test out your culinary prowess and get inventive in the kitchen? This is undoubtedly a tip for before you get high because let’s face it – the last thing you want to do when you’re high is to start cooking up a storm! But there is nothing quite like delving face-first into a plate of home-cooked food when you’re high as much as a kite!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out some of our delicious recipes – you will be spoiled for choice as we have shared everything that we have from the gooiest brownies to the cheesiest burgers!

2. Get a Sweat On!

We’ve all heard of the best runner’s high, right? That the feeling that washes very well over us after a hard session at the gym or out in the open – there’s nothing quite perfect! Or is there? Runner’s high has been shown to reduce their anxiety, dramatically in boost mood, and even help to focus, so where does weed come in here?

Endorphins are to blame for that intense feeling that comes from a racing heart and sweaty brow. But sometimes it turns out that getting stoned can also release those brain chemicals responsible for the immense opinions of post-workout exercise!

A research done at the University of Hamburg tested out the best effects of running on the cannabinoid receptors of mice, and it will turn out that not only was there a rise in beta-endorphins, but also anandamide, which is an endocannabinoid.

We already know from countless studies and research that cannabis reduces anxiety as well as a host of other things thanks to its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) – yes, the exercise really can make you feel high, so what’s our main point? Well, it was possible to combine the two, you could be then on the topmost ranking in the world!

Try going for a long run, playing tennis with a buddy or going swimming; whatever the hard tickles your fancy, getting high, and working very hard.

It may sound like that it is hard work to read when you are stoned, but find the right book, and you can find yourself in another world where you will immerse yourself. Have you ever read, try to read a book very deeply that you just couldn’t put down? Imagine that feeling, but it is ten times stronger as your mind runs away with different characters and places. While this one that may not work for everyone, we find that the right type of high and the correct type of book that can lead to some extra level page-turning!

So, whether you want to discuss any matters of the universe or find yourself in the centre of a tense thriller, reading can enhance a high in ways that a movie just can’t!

4. Unwind in a Bubble Bath

I think it will be the best coming home from a long day at work, a tough workout, or a stressful situation than a long hot bath? We can’t get enough of washes, but one way to make it even better is by combining it with your favourite strain!

Whether you want to choose to get high first or want to indulge in a joint mid-bath, here is something that we suggest:

  • Turn out the lights
  • Light some candles
  • Draw the blinds
  • Put on a podcast or your favourite downtime tunes
  • Plenty of bubbles
  • A nice cold drink
  • Grab your ideal marijuana strain
  • Relaxxxx

5. Thrill Seek

Okay, so we get it – these most top ten lists that tare gave on how to enjoy your high are everywhere, and they can also be very pretty repetitive. So, it is important to shake things up a little with our fifth (and wildest) activity idea for when you bake.

Are you a perfect adrenaline junkie? Love socializing? Then take your high at the topmost to a theme park and enjoy the thrill that has no bound of riding some of the biggest rides, that is fastest, and stomach-churning roller coasters!

Again, this will not be for everyone! This can only use a few peoples. If you are even very slightly anxious when you’re high, we do not recommend this. However, if you love socializing when high and loud atmospheres don’t bother you, then we think you will like this idea.

Amusements parks are an excellent place to enjoy a more high for the right person, that trusts us!

6. Listen to Music

Yes, we know, this old cliché! But there is a primary reason every single one of these lists’ talks about the pleasures of listening to music when you’re high – it is that great! Whatever you are into the situation, be it rock, classical or a bit of hip hop, listening to good music when you are stoned is a unique experience that cannot exist without the right bud.

So, whether you are in good company that has a good reputation or riding solo, crank up your favourite playlist and take in each unique piece of art that was created by them for this very recent moment.

7. Get Creative

Are you a dab hand at painting? Love to draw? Whatever your talent is getting more creative when you’re stoned can be eye-opening, give you space to think and reflect – and it’s also a lot of fun too! There’s a good reason that adult colouring books have become such a massive hit in recent years. Artistic therapy is something that has recognised by them for many years as a brilliant way to relax, so when we combine it with the weed which is awful to the users, it gets even very better!

So, why not light up a joint, and crack out your childhood art kit and don your scruffs – let’s get creative

8. Find Your Zen

They are not only great for flexibility and core strength, but they are also great for your brain. While cannabis can be a great way to ease muscle tension and pain, then allowing for a freer and more flexible posture, it is also an excellent achievement for getting introspective! We love getting high before a long period and relaxing meditation session, so we suggest lighting some candles or your favourite incense, rolling out with your yoga mat and finding your inner zen.

Warning: We cannot be held very responsible for the levels of zen your brain goes to while high!

9. Watch a Movie

Sometimes there’s nothing to quite like popping on a film you love and know very well, other times you may want to watch an awesome comedy with your pals as you watch through hazy smoke. But sometimes, there is no other way that is better of being high than to watch a great, mind-wrecking movie as your unconscious brain thinks of all the different avenues the film could go down!

So, whatever your mood, we suggest getting some delicious snacks, drinks, and getting lost with your favourite characters for a few hours! We would, of course not recommend any horror or thrillers if you are an anxious or paranoid stoner!

10. Get Deep

But it is one of the best and most rewarding ways of enjoying a high. Then sometimes there is nothing better than a good chat. Whether it’s a good catch-up with an old pal, and a date, or just a casual conversation with someone you are friends with. And adding weed to that can make it very incredible. Cannabis has this way of bringing down the walls and barriers, helping people to let their guard down and boost imagination. So, it can be an excellent tool to help you bond with others.

Whether you end up putting something in the world to rights, mending damaged relationships or directly talking nonsense. Until some small hours of the morning – getting high and chatting is one of our favourite, cost-effective ways of being stoned.

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