A Guide to Edible Products and Dosage

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Cannabis is recently gaining increasing popularity as a natural medicine for a variety of health conditions. Newer and newer methods of cannabis consumption are being invented in the form of products that pop up every day in the market. While smoking and vaping are the best methods, some users prefer consuming weed in the form of edibles as a more convenient, discreet way. Edibles are any food items infused with cannabis. Today, you can find a variety of products including beverages, brownies, gummies, candies and cooking oil intended to provide the effects of cannabis. You can use Online Dispensary Canada services to buy some of the high-quality products you want to try.

The Right Edibles Dose

Edibles are different than concentrate or flower in terms of potency. Edible products often state the milligrams of different cannabinoids like THC and CBD present in the product. Edibles Canada purchased from reliable brands mention the mg of both these components per serving and the total mg in the package. This helps you dose correctly. For example, a bar of cannabis-infused chocolate can contain 30mg of THC. You can divide the bar into 6 pieces to consume 5mg at a time. Cannabis edibles come in varying ratios of THC to CBD. Products with a higher concentration of CBD don’t get you as high as those with high THC levels. You can look for the THC content per serving to determine the results. Regardless of what components the edible product contains, the THC content helps find the right dosage to get the desired effects.

You should start at about 5-10mg of THC if you are a beginner, 10-15mg if you are used to smoking and higher doses if you smoke regularly. Experienced users can take up to 25mg in the form of edibles to experience a buzz. A standard dose of 10mg gives a good starting point and helps you analyze how your body feels.

How Edibles Work

Cannabis edibles are consumed through the mouth and enter the digestive tract where the components of weed are absorbed. They are then metabolized by the liver and circulated throughout the body and brain. The digestion and metabolism processes take time depending on individual body chemistry and this is why edibles can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to kick in. It is advisable that you wait for an entire day after consuming an edible before taking another dose. A lot of people end up consuming too much and feel the effects altogether as they kick in.

Making Edibles at Home

Anybody interested in consuming home-made edibles can use a dry cannabis flower to infuse into butter and oil. The dry material is immersed in a carrier fat or oil and heated to release cannabinoids from the weed. This cannabutter or oil can then be added to any recipe. While it is quite easy to make edibles at home, dosing is pretty difficult. To ensure consistent dosing and get desired effects, you should always buy edibles manufactured by reputed, licensed brands and follow the instructions for dosage.