Moldy cannabis has increasingly become a significant problem in legal markets. How is it possible to tell if your weed has mold or mildew without forking over thousands of dollars to a lab?

Mildew Kush doesn’t sound very appealing. It is not just because it’s gross, but there is also a danger too.

Unfortunately, the legal markets have seen their fair share of Smoking Moldy Weed recalls over a few weeks alone. In January, the Michigan regulators recalled 48 pounds of medical marijuana due to mold.

A month before Michigan’s order, Colorado agencies recalled an entire batch of weed from one operator that affected at least 10Denver-based dispensaries.

So the mold scare is real.

 Eye-Ball It

The very most comfortable and most cost-effective method for spotting mold on weed is the naked eye. Tokers will notice something that looks very similar to cobwebs on or within the buds. Spider mites also leave behind the actual webbing that can look identical to mildew, but you shouldn’t be smoking those, either.

Powdery mildew, a form of mold, can sometimes look like dusted kief to the untrained eye. However, a more deep inspection will reveal the powder isn’t kief at all, but something that resembles sawdust or the dust produced by kicking a puffball mushroom.

Other signs of mold or mildew include dark spots on otherwise green buds, yellow or grey fuzz, or the presence of slime. (Yuck.) Sometimes buds there is the possibility of appearing as if they rolled in confectionery items like sugar, and another sign of powdery mildew.

The Nose Knows: The Smell Test

Weed then comes in a wide assortment of aromas that everyone smells, from some hints of berries to that chronic funk that feels like the fresh smell of human sweat or urine.

No one should ever smoke weed because that smells like pee anyway, mildew or otherwise.

The smell test has limitations, though. And there some noses that are very much sensitive to the nuances of weed fragrances than others. And tokers who are allergic to mold-derived antibiotics like penicillin may experience an allergic reaction.

Additionally, some molds and mildews don’t produce any smells, especially if the infestation only recently took hold.

Science, B! Use a Microscope

In this case, the consumers can still detect if their weed contains mold. This method requires a microscope. In the age of Amazon, however, digital lenses sell for less than $30.

Again, recognizing mold on weed by eye, even the aided eye, takes some experience. Mould and mildew produce little filaments which we called hyphae. The Hyphae look nothing like the bud’s natural glandular trichomes, so if anything seems out of the ordinary, it might be mold.

Check the Media and The Brand Websites for Recalls

Another very safe practice for finding out those related things if your cannabis contains the mold is by checking the local media for reports of recalls. The state or city websites, as well as some company websites, may also post notices.

Although checking the news for Smoking Moldy Weed may seem dorky, it has worked in the past. Canadian recall mentioned earlier that the woman who reported the mold only caught it because she’d read a news story on the topic. She said she would never have checked had she not known shape was even an issue with legal weed.

Why Mold Threatens Good Health

Why even care about mold on weed? After all, isn’t mold a source of medicine, just like cannabis?

Molds and mildew are fungi that thrive in moist environments with poor air circulation. With weed, the presence of images or mildews indicates the plants are diseased, not extra medicated.

While some molds produce antibiotics like penicillin, treating an infection by Smoking Moldy Weed is a bad idea. Those allergic to penicillin could react very violently to Smoking Moldy Weed, much less smelling it. Some patients like those with compromised immune systems that may be unable to fight off the mildew’s spores, leading to moldy lungs on top of smoking shitty weed.

Furthermore, some molds and mildews produce toxins, called mycotoxins, that is not possible to burn away. And even worse, making edibles with moldy weed will transfer those toxins wholesale into the food. (Double yuck.)

Get your cannabis from those whom you trust sources. In every purchase before ever flicking a Bic. And you always have to remember: webbing belongs in dark corners, not on weed.



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