How Does cannabis increase sperm count?

If you are a cannabis smoker, you have probably come across the idea that it is bad for your reproductive health. Now, if you’re a man, that means it damages your sperm. Well, the growing evidence from a Harvard study shows that this is not the case. Medical marijuana doctors at the Online Dank Vapes Shop defend the same.
By now, you will have guessed what I am trying to say. Cannabis can actually increase your sperm count. Yes, you heard right!

Cannabis smokers have a higher sperm count

There was an ancient idea that cannabis can significantly reduce sperm count and hinder your fertility. Well, that is a distorted image of reality. The last article of the Oxford Academic presents a clearer vision.
The study mentions that cannabis use can not only increase sperm count but also sperm volume.
This presents a great challenge for a large number of studies in the past that have had contrary opinions about it. Numerous websites, newspapers, and bloggers have mentioned about the potential risk of cannabis. Well, they were not completely wrong, but they were backed by studies that presented a complex picture of the effect of cannabis.
There has been limited information on the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The benefits of cannabis arise from the efficient functioning of the ECS. The current scenario equips us with better information. The same goes for the latest Harvard study as well.

Harvard study links marijuana and fertility

Harvard conducted an extensive 18-year study between 2000 and 2017. It evaluated 662 subfertile men at the Fertility Center of the Massachusetts General Hospital who produced more than 1143 sperm samples.
It was noted that 365 participants had smoked cannabis at some time. Research data showed that these 365 people had a significantly higher sperm count than non-smokers. Precisely speaking, the volume stood at 62.7 million / ml for marijuana smokers and 45.4 million / ml for non-marijuana smokers.
In addition, cannabis also had a positive impact on the total sperm count. This essentially establishes the idea that the consumption of medical marijuana increases semen production.
If you are confused about its effects, medical marijuana doctors at Online Dank Vapes Shop can equip you with the necessary information that can help you better understand the mechanism of cannabis.

More studies are expected in the future

While the data from current research is definitely informative, Harvard scientists recommend a more detailed piece to further strengthen the link between cannabis and male fertility.
Researchers are also emphasizing the possibility that medical marijuana can be a testosterone stimulant that contributes to a higher sperm count.
Previous studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system has an effect on several body systems. So, it is logical to say that it also affects the reproductive system. In addition, more information will allow us to better understand the entire mechanism and use cannabis more effectively for your health.
Approximately 16.5% of US residents. UU. They have reported that they use the use of marijuana and the legalization campaign is expected to spread throughout the country. So, that is a responsibility to project accurate information to the public.
Medical marijuana doctors at Online Dank Vapes Shop provide the ideal landing platform for your consultations. If they are a couple who plans to have a baby, the potential effects of cannabis should be well known. Doctors can examine it effectively to see how your body will react to cannabis in that vital phase of your life.
This new study has definitely changed the existing assumptions about cannabis. The long-standing notions have been put to rest. As a man, sperm is the most vital hormone that functions as a label of its existence. Medical marijuana has emerged as an ideal companion for its reproduction. While medical marijuana doctors at Online Dank Vapes Shop support the facts, more research is expected to shed more light on the same.